Château de Langeais©Philippe Body

The territory

The Loire-Anjou-Touraine Park is packed with heritage. It is where short stories meet great history. Landscapes switch between cultivated plateaus and wet valleys. Ancient know-how is brought back to life and blossoms. This inhabited and fertile land also has a great biodiversity.

Confluence Vienne et Loire à Candes St Martin©N. Van Ingen
Landscapes Val de Loire

The Park’s landscape is dominated by valleys. Rivers and streams run through them and agricultural activities bloom on their fertile soils. On the...

Collégiale de Candes-Saint-Martin©Nicolas Van Ingen
Architecture Built heritage

The territory is world famous for its castles and manors. But it also hides many other architectural treasures: Neolithic dolmen, ancient roads dating...

Port de Chouzé-sur-Loire©N. Van Ingen
Know-how Unusual Val de Loire

The cultural heritage of the Park has lived on through centuries. The beauty of the tufa buildings and the French horse-riding traditions reveal a...

Sternes pierregarin©Olivier Simon
Nature Nature observation

Nature is everywhere in Loire-Anjou-Touraine, even in unexpected places. Bats, raptors or even orchids. The Park invites you to discover its common...

Safran©PNR Loire-Anjou-Touraine
Agriculture Unusual

Do you know the saffron and the truffle of Touraine, the asparagus, the roses of Doué-la-Fontaine? Did you know that here is the cradle of seeds and...

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5km - 2h
Park's tour Troglos
By bike Guided tour

By bike, explore the Val de Loire and its landscapes, from the wild fauna to the outstanding built heritage...

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Alose©Yannick Gouguenheim - Images et rivière
Nature Loire

A dive in the Loire river or one of its affluents opens a window to emblematic species like the Salmon or the eel … and other less known fishes. The...

paysage agricole composé de petits boisements au bord d'un cours d'eau et de champs cultivés en céréales
Landscapes Agriculture Vineyards

A few kilometres outside of the valleys, the atmosphere suddenly changes. The plateaus of the Loire-Anjou-Touraine Park are full of vineyards and...

Champ de chanvre en Loire-Authion ©Nicolas Van Ingen

Agriculture in the Authion valley is based on an intense production with international success: seeds. Modern companies are on the forefront of these...