How does the Regional Natural Park work?

In order to successfully lead its territorial project, the Park has different organisational bodies bringing the local authorities together as Park members. The Park can also count on its team of technical experts who implement the required actions.

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Local authorities involved in Park management

The Regional Natural Park is managed by a “Syndicat mixte” (local authority grouping). It is a public corporation in charge of the implementation of the Park charter which is the territorial project approved by all members. The grouping includes the regions Pays de la Loire and Centre-Val de Loire, the departments Maine-et-Loire and Indre-et-Loire, intermunicipal and metropolitan structures, towns and villages.

The Park management is led by different bodies:

  • • The “Comité syndical” (central committee) has 182 members. It takes all main decisions for the Park. It votes the budget and decides all main actions taken by the Park and its team. Each local authority and member of the Park chooses a delegate and a substitute to be members of the “Comité syndical”.
  • The board comprises 26 elected representatives. Its members are elected by the “Comité syndical”. The board is in charge of current affairs, prepares the budget and the action programs. It meets every two months.

The Park has set up thematic working commissions which give a consultative view on different subjects of their charge. Their members are elected representatives, ambassadors, associations or other local stakeholders. They contribute to the Park project and the action program.

The scientific and development councils of the Park group experts and university researchers around different topics such as territorial planning or biodiversity or the adaptation to climate change.

A charter leading the way to actions

The charter of a Regional Natural Park is a contract giving concrete expression to the protection and sustainable development project for the territory. It is put together during a consultation process including residents, associations, companies, … after a public hearing, it is adopted by the local authorities which are the Park members.

The charter sets the objectives, the guidelines for the protection, the promotion and the development of the Park as well as different measures allowing to implement all this.

The charter enables to ensure the consistency and the coordination of concrete actions taken by the different local authorities operating on the Park territory. It is adopted for a period of 15 years.

The Park team

The Park relies on a team of 28 technical experts and engineers who realise different projects. They are based at the administrative headquarters, the office for biodiversity and landscapes and the Park house in Montsoreau. The team counts technical and administrative agents and project managers. Each year, civil service volunteers and interns occasionally assist the team.

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