Our missions

The most important mission of the Regional Natural Park is the preservation of an exceptional natural and cultural heritage. It promotes its treasures both among inhabitants and visitors. Together with local stakeholders, it encourages social and economic development while constantly seeking the bal

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Our missions

Just like all Regional Natural Parks of France, the Loire-Anjou-Touraine Park reconciles heritage preservation and local development. Its 5 missions are set by decree:

Protection and management of natural resources, cultural heritage and landscapes

Regional Natural Parks aim to harmoniously manage rural spaces, to maintain the biodiversity of different habitats, to preserve and promote natural resources, landscapes and remarkable but fragile sites and to highlight and revitalize cultural heritage.

Land-use planning

Regional Natural Parks take part in the national and regional planning policies. They contribute to the definition and direction of land-use projects on their territory with a special focus on environment preservation.

Social and economic development

A Park territory is above all an area where people live and work. A Park team’s mission is to animate and coordinate concrete actions for social and economic development in order to ensure the quality of life for the territory’s inhabitants. A Park supports environmentally friendly companies which promote natural and human resources.

Education and information

Regional Natural Parks foster contact with nature, raise awareness for environmental issues among residents and invite visitors to discover the territory by experiencing activities and educational visits – respecting nature, landscapes and cultural sites.


Regional Natural Parks contribute to research programs. Their role is also to develop new procedures and action methods transferable to other territories. Such experimentations help to imagine new planning and management processes for rural areas and test them in a life-size lab.

I’m a resident – what exactly does the Park do here?

You live on the Loire-Anjou-Touraine Park territory. The Park takes concrete actions which also concern you in everyday life:

  • At school: Antoine’s class spends time out in the forests. Anna prepares a talk on climate. These school projects are organised and financed by the Park.
  • At the canteen: Pierre has an administrative position at the local high school. He is part of a group animated by the Park who organises local and organic food supply for school canteens.
  • • During the weekend: Émilie takes a walk to the marsh of Brézé, a natural heritage site with a trail landscaped by the Park. Back home, she books the perfect room for friends choosing a tourism professional with the “Valeurs Parc naturel regional” label.
  • • At home: Simon has invested in the collective for the development of local renewable energy sources, a dynamic project the Park has been supporting since its beginning.
How does a regional natural park work? (in french)
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