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Climate and energy

The climate looks to be in a dismal state: Global warming, melting of the ice caps, drought ... and although the share of Man's responsibility for this phenomenon cannot now be denied, the Park hopes to try and reverse the trend.

The objective of cutting greenhouse gas emissions by 4 by 2050 remains a considerable challenge. But committed nonetheless, the Park is working through all sorts of local actions to mitigate these changes and put people back at the heart of their territory once again.
To this end, it had already set up its Climate Plan back in 2007. It develops guidelines concerning the main targeted greenhouse gas emission items on the territory: buildings, transport, agriculture, renewable energies ... and clearly states specific ambitions for each.

For a few years now the Park has been supporting the development of alternative mobility – a crucial challenge for rural territories. Mobility platform, walking bus and cycling bus, car-sharing … a whole range of solutions are promoted to local authorities and households alike.