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Some truly emblematic species seek shelter in the Loire-Anjou-Touraine Regional Nature Park.

Weaving together a patchwork of different landscapes and diverse soils and natural environments, the Park appeals to a large number of species. Keep your eyes peeled and you might just spot a common or much rarer animal further down the path or through your binoculars. As main migratory channels, the Loire and its tributaries offer up a wealth of flora and fauna. River, alluvial forests, river banks and boires (dead river branches) are home to salmon, pike and beavers.
In the valley floodplains, the cry of the Corn Crake can sometimes be heard on spring evenings, to mark its territory. This discreet bird, which nests in the tall grasses, is rarely sighted. The sandbanks and islands form a landscape that changes in step with the seasons and is a breeding ground for terns and small plovers.
Just some of the wildlife you might see include:

  • Little terns and common terns
  • Ospreys
  • Montagu's harriers
  • Corn crakes
  • Little bustards
  • European beavers
  • Dark Whitefaces
  • and a wide variety of bats...