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Heritage walking trails

As you follow heritage walking trails, you will discover village's history and heritage...

Around a particular topic, a marked looping itinerary is proposed. A discovery booklet guides you from site to site, helping you to understand the crossed landscapes and sharing you a plot of the site's history through a symbolic character.

Travel back in time a whole century and let Simon guide you along the narrow streets of Montsoreau and Candes-Saint-
Martin ! You will follow the footsteps of the mariners who lived the last great days of the Loire fleet in the second half
of the nineteenth century, and you’ll dicover places that still bear witness to their passing. Donwload the booklet here




 Gennes : "A history of a riverside life" - 4 km    

The babble of Rose’s voice is as constant as that of the stream feeding the washhouse where she wrings laundry likes she wrings fact from fiction. This sturdy 19th-century washerwoman will be your guide to all the hidden corners of Gennes. As you follow the riverside trail you will discover the village’s history and heritage, from the Romans through to the boatmen and the Saumur Cadets. Download the booklet here